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The pendant reflects beautiful in the light!!! So many designs and unique apperance makes this pendant a must have! Sterling Silver with excellent detail.

Similarity to western sign :LIBRA

The dog is probably the most loyal and honest sign of the chinese zodiac. Always straightforward, very intelligent and known to keep secret no matter what it costs. A dog is usually animated and attractive and will exude sex appeal. Very often they are emotionally distant in situations like social gatherings and don't seem to fit in very good. Though they are unbeatable in one on one relationships and find pleasure in pleasuring their lifepartner and those who surround them. Generally unpretentious he likes to meet others halfway and will do whatever is necessary to make his loved ones happy. It is true that dogs most likely seem really eccentric but tend to work very well with other people in business situations. As a friend they cannot ignore a real call for help. Whenever there is trouble he or she is sticking to you and you can count on them 100%. Nevermind his complains, nagging and indifference because in the end he cares about the interests of others much more than his own. Dogs always hang on to their object of affection even when they know that the person they hang on to is unworthy of their attention. Nobody will find a dog leaving his lifemates just because he found out they have their flaws. He will always look over such trivialities or finds a good way to live with it and except it very well. Much more, dog people never lose track of their money, make excellent leaders and are inspiring for everybody because of their high moral standards.



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